Is Clinical Psychology and CBT Therapy right for you?

11th March 2019

Clinical Psychologist Dr Olga Luzon introduces us to the role of a Clinical Psychologist, what conditions can be helped and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); what is it? Is it the right therapy for you? And what happens during treatment.


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Is CBT effective? Will it help me with my difficulties?

CBT has become the treatment of choice for a significant amount of emotional difficulties including most anxiety problems, low mood, self-esteem, perfectionism, traumatic experiences, addictions, sleep problems, work stress and relationship difficulties. However, there are other types of therapies available to address these issues such as schema therapy, compassionate mind, and solution focused therapy. If you are unsure if CBT might be right for you, we can organise for you to have a free phone consultation with Olga.

Can CBT/Clinical Psychology help with physical problems?

CBT can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. Research evidence shows that it can be an effective treatment for both mental and physical problems, as we know that psychological states can have a profound effect on physical processes. Examples of physical conditions that CBT can help with include: chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, habits or tics and other general health problems or medically unexplained symptoms. In CBT you can learn how your thoughts, your attention, your breathing, and things you do may be contributing to physical problems and learn ways to manage/change them.

How many CBT sessions will I need?

CBT is a short term, goal-oriented, type of treatment which could involve anything from 1 to 20 sessions and could take place either weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly depending on the type of difficulties, your progress and goals. This will also allow you time to practice new strategies in-between sessions. Most people report a significant improvement after a short number of sessions.

Does CBT work without medication?

Some people might benefit from a combination of medication and talking therapies, however, on many occasions CBT can work just as well as medication for treating problems such as depression and anxiety disorders. You will not be expected to take medication to engage in talking therapies.

Does CBT involve digging into my past?

CBT involves looking at thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours, the way they interact with each other and in particular how they might contribute to people’s distress. It is very much focused on the here and now. However, we don’t exist in a vacuum, the way we think and behave are very much influenced by past experiences and sometimes it is helpful to revisit some past events and consider how they might be influencing the present. Since CBT is a very transparent therapy, you will always have a say on whether you think this would be useful and if so how.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Clinical Psychologists are registered by the Health Care and Professionals’ Council and most are also registered with other professional bodies such as the British Psychological Society. This means that they have to maintain very strict levels of professional practice and ethical standards, including ensuring anything you discuss in therapy is kept completely confidential, and are only required to disclose information when someone is at risk of harm. Olga will discuss with you the limits of confidentiality during your first appointment and is happy to answer any questions.

When is the right time for therapy? 

If you feel your difficulties are having an impact on your life or creating significant distress to you or others, you may be want to consider accessing some extra support. You may want to ask yourself if you are ready to change, what your goals would be and if you would have the time to commit to attend sessions on a regular basis.

Can I self-refer? 

Yes, you can have an initial free phone consultation with Olga by contacting her directly on 07830113281 and discuss your needs, or you could book directly an initial assessment with her by calling the clinic.

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