Did you know that our gut care is not only for the gut health itself, but also to improve and enhance our immunity. 

Keeping your gut healthy is not only for GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), food intolerances or uncomfortable sensations around tummy, but to improve and enhance immune system. Nearly 70% of the immune system components lives in digestive tract, in other words, a healthy gut tract is the gateway to strong immunity. The gut health also impacts mood, energy levels, skin and many other areas in our body.

Naturally, we all want to improve those areas mentioned above. And therefore, we tend to try many different ways of dietary changes to improve our gut system; from pure, organic-orientated foods to diets involving fasting as examples. While this may work for some, it doesn't seem to work for others, but the good news are that damaged gut tissues and functions can improve even in long term cases as the gut flora and functions are highly repairable and restorable.


Let’s start with a list of gut related symptoms below and then the natural holistic approach of Chinese medicine.


·      Headaches, migraines, foggy sensation in head, low concentration level

·      Wake up unrefreshed

·      Heavy or sluggish body

·      Lack of energy, tired, fatigue

·      Poor or erratic appetite

·      Unknown inflammation or pains at joints or around body, increased sensitivities or intolerance to certain foods or objects

·      Low immune system

·      Low mood or mood swings

·      Poor facial skins; dry, broken, red patches or pimples, some of adult acnes

·      Slow progress of illnesses


Chinese medicine is an empirically developed approach with a very long history. This includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with dietary and lifestyle aspects within our natural environment. It understands food properties and how the foods behave in our body. Chinese medicine classifies gut conditions as cold, hot, dry, damp, atrophied, weakened, inflamed or combinations of them. It also finds out your body type as cold, hot or dry type or water/damp type, or combined body type. Depending on our different body types, similar symptoms and issues, may need to be helped differently.

Improvements in your gut health can lead to an increase in feeling more energised and focused and a stronger immune system, as well as having a positive impact on your mood.


You can find more information on acupuncture here, or feel free to contact the clinic with any questions you may have.


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