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  • “I highly recommend Lucy Kerrison. She really listened to my complaints, was very responsive and extremely helpful regarding improving my health. She is truly very lovely and clearly passionate about health and helping her clients” 


  • “Lucy listened to my concerns attentively and provided me some insights into my issues from both a scientific angle and an understanding of my personal lifestyle. The consultation was an enjoyable experience, very much like a chat, after which I felt equipped with the knowledge that I wanted to know, and the mystery over the long-term digestive issues I have been having were explained to a satisfactory extent”


  • “Lucy’s a wonderful professional and made me feel at ease. She explained tings simply and answered any questions I had with compassion and understanding. She also helped tailor my treatment to my lifestyle and needs/wants”


  • “I recently consulted Lucy Kerrison, Dietitian. The session was face to face and lasted an hour. I quickly felt at ease with Lucy, able to speak candidly about my gut issues. She was warm, friendly and very professional. I have since received her initial guidance. It is comprehensive and tailor made to my particular needs. I feel very optimistic that my enduring issues will gradually be resolved: a holistic approach to a complex condition”



  • Very relaxed and sensitive initial review of the problem, skilful and effective massage and helpful choice of exercises to do at home.


  • I can thoroughly recommend the women's health physios at the White Hart Clinic. I have been seeing Tracey who has shown nothing but kindness, care and an incredible depth of knowledge. Tracey has worked so hard with me to find a pessary that helps. She is helping me to get back to my life again after developing a prolapse, with exercises, pessaries and excellent advice.


  • I can only say, I wish I had found Holly sooner, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!  I came across Holly when I felt I had met a point of crisis, since then our sessions are a safe haven in my week where I can reflect, rant and work through my depression and sexual assault trauma.  After our sessions, I always feel lighter and can think with a clear head.  Holly is so warm and wise. She is incredibly reassuring and since meeting her, I have never felt like I am alone in this. I have genuinely felt a huge shift take place and have identified the tools to enable me to be calmer, and a more self loving and rational thinker.


  • I visited the physio for a few weeks due to ongoing back pain. I saw Liam who worked with me to fix it and after my forth session I was as good as new! The staff are lovely and Liam was extremely helpful and explained everything to me and made sure I was okay with everything he was doing. Would definitely recommend!


  • Thanks so much for yesterday. I wanted to let you know that even if I am not quite at the gold standard (!) what we have been doing is making a very real difference. Today I needed to run for a train - and I have noticed that previously I would actually avoid even a short run, but now I feel much more confident to do that. Unfortunately I also tripped and fell - not while I was running, but shortly after, my shoe caught an uneven pavement and I did a very good fall (think superman/recovery pose!)). BUT the most amazing thing is I had no leakage, not in the moment when I realised I was falling (fear) or with the impact. I was so pleased! I know that a few months ago that would have been different. So thank you, and I will keep up the good work!!!


  • Friendly, welcoming, and professional and not to mention, knowledgeable! Dom tailored the massage to exactly what I needed and explained useful exercises and maintenance for me to do in between sessions. Would absolutely recommend and would definitely rebook. 


  • I wanted to say a big thank you to your physiotherapist Rosie Jacks, who was able to see me for a one-off Women's Health appointment last month. She was extremely professional, gentle and offered what I thought was a very thorough assessment, plus gave me some very useful notes - all in one hour! I never reach out to private consultants usually, but this was very much worth it and I am very grateful to her.



  • I saw Rosie for a women's health physio for 4 sessions and could not be happier with the treatment I received. Right from the beginning of the first session Rosie put me at ease and listened attentively and sympathetically. She explained everything clearly as we began my treatment and seemed almost as glad as I was when I reported progress session by session! At the end of the treatment plan I felt well equipped to manage my own continuing recovery going forward, but with the reassurance that Rosie was available if I ran into problems or needed any more help. A month later and I'm well on the road back to full health. Highly recommended.


  • Dr Kalia provides top quality patient-centred care for me and all of my family. He takes the time to listen to you and discusses the merits of treatments so that you feel fully involved in your care. I can't recommend him highly enough for emergencies, day to day health issues, management of long term conditions, MOTs, tests and vaccines, brilliant.


  • I was treated yesterday evening by Katherine and just wanted to write and say that she made SUCH a difference! I had a trapped nerve and she took the time to assess and brilliantly resolved the issue - I feel transformed today and almost free of pain! Please pass on my thanks and I’ll see her soon 


  • Dr Kalia has been helping my family from tests to jabs to Perscriptions. He's very responsive - empathic, pragmatic and full.of charisma. An excellent GP and the whole team are total professionals.


  • Very friendly and professional! I was able to book an appointment for the same day (2 hours later in fact). He came straight to the main door to collect me and immediately made me feel at ease. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and was able to reassure me throughout that it was not serious. A lovely experience all round (or at least as nice as a trip to the doctor's can be). It can be tricky to get an appointment with the GP at the moment but this was a great way to speed up the process and save me a couple of weeks worry and discomfort. Highly recommended.


  • I just wanted to tell you I’m halfway through How to have a Baby and it is fantastic! Reading this is one of the most healing things I have done since I had my baby. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

    I also just want to say thank you for continuing to be a huge support to me. I’m sure all of your patients say it (or at least think it!!), but your patience, compassion and wisdom has been absolutely invaluable to me. You are one of a kind and SW London women are very lucky to have you!


  • This is the second time that Carry has helped me with various pains in my legs and feet - and she never lets me accept that it's just part of 'getting older'! I'm a 44 year old ad exec who's mainly desk-based but loves running and cycling in the little free time available, so to be in pain while doing those things is a pain mentally too. What Carry is so good at is helping get to the cause of the issues - as it's rarely where the pain is currently residing. Over a few sessions we've eliminated various causes of pain, found simple exercises to get rid of the pain, and talked about the difference between necessary 'protective' pain vs pain that is not something to be worried about. Understanding the whys and wherefores has been key to getting better, and the lifestyle changes quite minimal once the issues were identified. Carry is also incredibly thorough and approaches pain issues comprehensively and intelligently, so you always feel as though you're in the right hands. Not only has she helped me, but I've recommended her to friends and family and she's been able to help them too (which is always a relief when you recommend someone). 


  • “I really enjoyed the "caring for your knees" workshop with Murielle and Liam. It was friendly and informal and extremely helpful and informative. I thought Liam explained the reasons for knee pain really clearly and together with Murielle's excellent knowledge and understanding of the body, it just brought home to me how important it is to look after and maintain our bodies. I enjoyed the practical sessions too - just enough not to overwhelm and confuse. Pilates and physiotherapy go so well together. A great team. Thank you.” 

    Nicky Dyer - Massage therapist

  • I live close to White Hart Lane and found the clinic while googling for help with my feet. Michael Hooper was very helpful, explained what was happening, and he did a temporary fix on an ingrowing toenail but he said he thought it would probably need surgery. Indeed it did, and within hours of lockdown in March I plucked up courage and Michael operated. The prospect was really scary but he talked me through the whole procedure which apart from the injection was pain free. In the first days of lockdown I was even going on long walks (what else was there to do?) and did not have anything more than minor discomfort. Over the following week he monitored it on line, showing proper care and attention. The pain that caused the original problem is now a dim and distant memory. I have had a couple of other reasons to consult Mchael and he has been easily available and endlessly helpful. I couldn't recommend his services at White Hart Clinic more highly.


  • I had 3 sessions with Liam to look at a knee injury (Which was actually a hip mobility problem) and a shoulder pain. Both problems were assessed and treated during the consultations, with specific simple exercises prescribed to deal with the underlying problem. The exercises were backed up with a link to a video showing how to carry them out properly. This was extremely useful.

    All in all, I felt Liam understood and simplified the problems. He explained the reasoning behind the exercises and what was happening in the joints and muscles in a way I could easily understand.

    The recovery process is ongoing, however the discomfort I have been experiencing for sometime is now fading which is a great result.

    If you have a niggle, pain or anything that is interfering with life, I can recommend Liam as a good physio.

    Thank you!

    Will B.

  • Tracey, it was so good to see you, thank you for being so thorough and empowering me with your knowledge and these exercises. I'll make sure to do them regularly and keep reading the book


  • I had an appointment booked with Christien to discuss my birth plan which we were able to do via Zoom.  Even though the appointment was not face-to-face I was really pleased with the outcome of our virtual meeting. We went through my birth plan in depth discussing various outcomes and what would be best/best avoided given my personal history and first birth experience.  She provided excellent advice and support on appropriate exercise during my second and third trimesters and continuing my pelvic floor exercise plan.  As always I found her to be both incredibly knowledgeable as well as warm and empathetic and would highly recommend her services online or in person.  


    Louise Batten, Osteopath

  • Please could you pass on my thanks and gratitude to Carry Triggs Hodge, as I was able to get home pain free after my appointment last night AND have had a nights sleep without any discomfort - it's amazing! Thank you all for the brilliance of expertise and kindness under one roof!


  • Trying to continually change and educate yourself as to the limits the aging body can go to is not easy. A whole new approach seems to be required to “trick” yourself into training without injury or exhaustion. The techniques as put forward by Rob seem to be working. There is plenty of method and proof in what Rob is telling me, and the results seem to be slowly emerging. If you want to continue being active, competitive and to get the best from yourself injury free, Robs techniques and advice seem to have merit. I wish I had followed this programme years ago! Thank you


  • I have been to many physio clinics, and I feel that the White Hart Lane clinic is the most welcoming. I really appreciate Tracey's holistic approach; it's always more than just the injury itself that's at play, and she truly gets that, but other friends who also attend the clinic and who see other therapists equally rave about them. I am very grateful to have found the clinic!


  • My care was provide by Michael Hooper. I was suffering from leg and knee issues following a cycling accident several years ago. My consultant recommended Micheal to me.Michael provided outstanding care. He made a completely accurate initial diagnosis, and supervised the creation and fitting of my insoles. Michael later tried several tiny adjustments to absolutely perfect the fitting, but it transpired that his initial fitting was already perfect, so they weren’t needed. But I really appreciated his focus in making sure I had the best possible outcome.If I ever need care in the future I will return to Michael without hesitation.


  • I had been experiencing chronic back pain for months, and after just two sessions with Sinsook my back felt completely improved. I swear by her and recommend anyone with back issues to give it a go!


  • I saw Tracey recently for a women's health appointment and she is so great; sympathetic, knowledgeable and skilled too. She help me a lot especially with information.

    I hope I won't need to see her again, the trouble is the White Hart Clinic is such a nice place to visit it is almost an incentive to be poorly! 


  • Had a fabulous (though slightly painful - she surely knows how to find the trigger points) session with Katy the other day. Her professionalism combined with warm personality made me feel I did not only get physical tension relief but mental too. In fact it encouraged me to buy a gift voucher for my sister who is suffering from migraines as I'm confident of Katy's ability to release stress, tension and anxiety.


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  • 'The White Hart clinic is a haven of peace, support, kindness and cheerfulness'
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  • 'If in pain you are fitted in as soon as possible, never too much waiting time.'
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  • 'The treatment is effective-you do not feel as if the treatment is prolonged unnecessarily.'
  • 'The staff are friendly and professional'
  • 'Very welcoming, cosy & small, relaxing atmosphere - of course most of all my therapist who has given me life changing results'
  • 'I feel the recommendations for the course of treatments and return visits are always very honest. They never take advantage'
  • 'It's like having the best clinic in Harley Street around the corner - when you're in pain that's exactly what you want. What a relief! What a comfort!'
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