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  • I had an appointment booked with Christien to discuss my birth plan which we were able to do via Zoom.  Even though the appointment was not face-to-face I was really pleased with the outcome of our virtual meeting. We went through my birth plan in depth discussing various outcomes and what would be best/best avoided given my personal history and first birth experience.  She provided excellent advice and support on appropriate exercise during my second and third trimesters and continuing my pelvic floor exercise plan.  As always I found her to be both incredibly knowledgeable as well as warm and empathetic and would highly recommend her services online or in person.  


    Louise Batten, Osteopath

  • I consulted Rob as I have been having breathing and stamina problems whilst running recently. These are issues physiotherapy can help with which i didn't know!!

    I have had Zoom consultations, and a phone conversation with Rob, which has led to a new exercise plan being put in place. Even though there are not any face-to-face appointments, at the moment the virtual appointments are really worthwhile. 

    I`m very happy with the results so far. I feel this has been very worthwhile, and will continue with the online treatment plan and consultations.

    Will B

  • Please could you pass on my thanks and gratitude to Carry Triggs Hodge, as I was able to get home pain free after my appointment last night AND have had a nights sleep without any discomfort - it's amazing! Thank you all for the brilliance of expertise and kindness under one roof!


  • Trying to continually change and educate yourself as to the limits the aging body can go to is not easy. A whole new approach seems to be required to “trick” yourself into training without injury or exhaustion. The techniques as put forward by Rob seem to be working. There is plenty of method and proof in what Rob is telling me, and the results seem to be slowly emerging. If you want to continue being active, competitive and to get the best from yourself injury free, Robs techniques and advice seem to have merit. I wish I had followed this programme years ago! Thank you


  • I have been to many physio clinics, and I feel that the White Hart Lane clinic is the most welcoming. I really appreciate Tracey's holistic approach; it's always more than just the injury itself that's at play, and she truly gets that, but other friends who also attend the clinic and who see other therapists equally rave about them. I am very grateful to have found the clinic!


  • My care was provide by Michael Hooper. I was suffering from leg and knee issues following a cycling accident several years ago. My consultant recommended Micheal to me.Michael provided outstanding care. He made a completely accurate initial diagnosis, and supervised the creation and fitting of my insoles. Michael later tried several tiny adjustments to absolutely perfect the fitting, but it transpired that his initial fitting was already perfect, so they weren’t needed. But I really appreciated his focus in making sure I had the best possible outcome.If I ever need care in the future I will return to Michael without hesitation.


  • I had been experiencing chronic back pain for months, and after just two sessions with Sinsook my back felt completely improved. I swear by her and recommend anyone with back issues to give it a go!


  • After my last session with Rob my back improved leaps and bounds! I could take deep breaths, and even sneeze without bracing. I found some stick-on deep heat pads for the plane, and they made a huge difference.  

    Thank you so much for the treatments, sympathy and advice.  It made all the difference to what could have been hell on wings!


  • I saw Tracey recently for a women's health appointment and she is so great; sympathetic, knowledgeable and skilled too. She help me a lot especially with information.

    I hope I won't need to see her again, the trouble is the White Hart Clinic is such a nice place to visit it is almost an incentive to be poorly! 


  • Had a fabulous (though slightly painful - she surely knows how to find the trigger points) session with Katy the other day. Her professionalism combined with warm personality made me feel I did not only get physical tension relief but mental too. In fact it encouraged me to buy a gift voucher for my sister who is suffering from migraines as I'm confident of Katy's ability to release stress, tension and anxiety.


  • Thank you so much for my amazing orthotics.

    Yesterday I ran the London Marathon and my feet were AMAZING!! I didn't get one blister and my tib post held up really well. 

    Genuinely after my marathon 3 years ago, I never thought I would run without excruciating blisters, but my training and race was terrific!


  • Olga has a warm and personable style that makes you feel listened and understood. She has encouraged me to make important changes in my life. I now have a much better understanding of my problems and how to tackle them.


  • The White Hart clinic is a haven of peace, support, kindness and cheerfulness. Maggie Chapman is a wealth of knowledge, talent, patience, thoughtfulness, care and kindness - a truly exceptional therapist. Hooray for Maggie.


  • Christian Lutz has been my osteopath for a while now and he has released pain that I have had for many years. He is just the best and I will recommend him anytime.

    D. Nielsen

  • I first saw Christien when I was around 11 months postpartum. A long labour ending in a forceps delivery had left me with a very weak and damaged pelvic floor. I wish I had seen her sooner! I found Christien to be very friendly and very easy to talk candidly to. She is extremely knowledgeable about pelvic floor health and keeps up to date on all of the latest research in this area. I especially found her use of ultra sound imaging of my pelvic floor very helpful in understanding the current state of it and what I needed to engage to start strengthening it again. Seeing her has given me the tools to continue to strengthen my pelvic floor as well as the confidence to start exercising (running, lifting weights and yoga) consistently again. I would highly recommend Christien to any woman who've had a baby and/or have concerns about their pelvic health.


  • After a stressful pregnancy and a c-section, I was feeling weak, tired and had low iron levels. I started to breastfeed straightaway but my milk production was low and each feed would take 2 hours or more as flow was very slow. Baby was still hungry at the end of some feeds, which meant I had to supplement the late afternoon/evening feeds with formula. I was then recommended Sinsook and had three acupuncture sessions straightaway. The results were excellent as milk flow started to improve, boosting milk production and significantly reducing the length and I have not been topping up with formula for a week now! I definitely recommend Sinsook in case of low milk production!

    Acupuncture patient

  • I have received great care for a sore neck after an injury and it is definitely on the mend - thank you!

    Osteopathy patient

  • After months of debilitating, daily headaches, medication that left me foggy and unable to function, and countless visits to doctors and specialists with no relief, no answers and no hope, I was desperate to try anything that might give me even a tiny bit of relief. I had done a bit of research into acupuncture and thought that might help and so I scheduled my first appointment with Sinsook. I did not know that that treatment would change my life completely.

    Through Sinsook’s treatments and dedication to my health and wellbeing, I no longer suffer from daily headaches and feel and look so much better physically that people actually comment on the change in me.  Not only has Sinsook transformed my body, but her gentle care and wisdom has also healed my soul. My treatments are the highlight of my week and I would be utterly lost without her!

    Jennifer Williams

  • Christian provided me with most gentle, pain free treatments in spite of me coming to the clinic with severe acute neck pain. I felt more flexible and pain free, increasingly after each visit - the third visit nearly cured me. The speediest recovery I ever had. He also gave me lots of advice and preventative tips to correct my posture. I feel great again after my fourth visit and I have learnt more about how to prevent my spine getting sore in the future. Thank you so much!


  • When Susie King left to become a mum, we were very concerned that you would be unable to find a worthy successor. We were wrong. Katy is a delight and has helped us on numerous occasions to ease our muscle pain. She has given us sound advice and works non stop to improve our wellbeing. We have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Katy's services to everyone.

    Bruce & Jan Penny

  • "Katy is one of the best masseurs I have experienced. She is a consummate professional who knows the body thoroughly. Her sessions are both relaxing and therapeutic. Great value".

    Harry Armfield

  • Katy has provided much needed tlc for my back now for more than a year. She is a rare find masseur, being able to pin-point exactly where aid is needed. She cares passionately too about her 'art'. She is indeed a grand master of massage!


  • “At the beginning I was not sure about acupuncture and what benefits it could bring, however after the first 2 months of being treated by Sinsook my quality of life improved radically. I am delighted by the results that Sinsook’s holistic approach has brought about, and the advice that she offered was so helpful and effective. Whilst seeing Sinsook I noticed improvement in my medical condition (Crohns), and I have learnt how to manage it better without taking potent drugs. I have more energy, no more pain and do not have to worry about the side effects of steroids.  I would highly recommend Sinsook to anyone who suffers from Crohns or Colitis.”

    Sam Cotter

  • I am on a course of acupuncture treatment under Sinsook Park who is helping me with problems left by two sets of emergency abdominal surgery. She is meticulous, took notes, listened to my concerns, gave very straightforward and manageable advice about diet and activity. She is giving me acupuncture and herbal teas. I feel so much better. I would recommend you to see her, especially if you have a chronic problem which conventional treatments are not helping with. I am continuing with my treatment and seem to be getting a lot better.

    Acupuncture patient

  • I have just completed nine long months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for a pancreatic tumour. My lifeline has been Sinsook Park and her incredible skilful acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is one complimentary therapy that oncologists are happy for patients to use during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Acupuncture has made a huge difference to me, both physically and mentally. It has helped minimise side effects and promote healing. One week after finishing six months of chemotherapy, I was on a hiking vacation in the French Alps, astounding my family and the medical profession with my incredible recovery and energy levels. I would recommend Sinsook and the White Hart Clinic for anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy as a safe and beneficial treatment.

    Penny Chapman

  • Having represented GB in marathon running prior to the birth of my first baby, I was keen to return to full training immediately afterwards and have been so grateful for the level of commitment and attention to detail that Christien and Helen from the Women’s Health Team at the White Hart Clinic have been able to provide. They have enabled me to return to running personal best times and worked with the rest of my team of sports medicine practitioners to ensure that I am in the best possible position to fulfil my ambitions of an Olympic marathon spot in running whilst not compromising my pelvic floor health. I highly recommend all post natal sportswomen, even with straightforward birth experiences like mine, to follow Christien and Helen's advice and expertise in returning to sport at any level - they are truly outstanding.

    Lucy MacAllister

  • A safe place to be looked after by specialists. 

    Patient at the clinic

  • Sabrina is an extremely talented osteopath, her professional and warming approach made me feel at ease from my first treatment. Having seen a few different practitioners after suffering an accident last year, Sabrina has been the only one to get to the root of my problem and with the correct treatment for me and an exercise plan, I have come a long way and finally feel like myself again. I would highly recommend Sabrina and can’t thank her enough for helping me recover.

    Fae Halliday

  • "Having suffered three miscarriages in a year my body and mind were in complete chaos. Sinsook brought them both back to life. I was astounded at the speed and strength of my physical recovery under her expert care. It felt incredible to find someone so in tune with my body and emotions. Her treatment and her advice provided an invaluable support during a really difficult time. I'm now 5 months pregnant and still see her regularly. She's been wonderful at helping any aches, pains and discomfort and continues to give me fantastic advice about diet and exercise. I put my lovely sense of well being and positive state of mind down to my sessions with Sinsook - they've fast become my favourite part of the month. I don't know what I would have done without her over the last 18 months. See you next month!"

    Charlie Webb

  • " I have been coming to see Sinsook for some time.  The latest round of treatment was for a problem in my foot and leg, and after quite a few sessions it is now fine again.  It is so reassuring seeing Sinsook. Her assured professionalism, warmth, kindness and her ability to know exactly how to treat and advise mean that I always leave the clinic feeling a great deal better than when I arrive.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone; she is honest about what she can treat and has a remarkable insight into so many conditions. She treats people holistically and has an enormous amount of experience which she puts to very good use".

    Lisa Coleridge

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  • 'The White Hart clinic is a haven of peace, support, kindness and cheerfulness'
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  • 'I most like the range of people working there so you can have alternative ways of combating a problem. Secondly, the friendly and supportive approach'
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  • 'The staff are friendly and professional'
  • 'Very welcoming, cosy & small, relaxing atmosphere - of course most of all my therapist who has given me life changing results'
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  • 'It's like having the best clinic in Harley Street around the corner - when you're in pain that's exactly what you want. What a relief! What a comfort!'
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