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  • Katherine is a gifted remedial massage therapist and I cannot recommend her treatments highly enough. I first went to see her in 2021 when my body was feeling rigid and stuck after a particularly horrible bout of Covid and she patiently and diligently found and released every point of tension that had built up around my rib-cage (or intercostal muscles) so I could breathe freely again. Katherine’s intuitive approach combines healing hands with an impressive physiological knowledge and she has successfully treated my teenage son and me for various sports related ailments (such as IT band syndrome and a serious shoulder injury). With the daily pressures of life, I have come to think of regular treatments with Katherine as necessary to my physical well-being and I always feel it when I’ve left it too long. Thank you Katherine!


  • I had therapy with Vicki for over a year to help me process a loss and grief I was experiencing. I was new to counselling, and I was looking for someone who understands loss, complex family dynamics, different cultures. Vicki made me feel understood and she helped me find a new perspective on life when I was really struggling in finding everyday joy. Vicki was patient and kind and allowed me the space to grieve. The conversations we had are still with me today. I really recommend Vicki and I have a lot to thank her for.


  • I would like to strongly recommend George Stansfield. He is a highly professional, friendly and very skilled massage therapist. All my muscular pain went after my last session. Strongly recommended.


  • I have been seeing Tracey Matthews, I am 7 weeks postpartum and experienced a prolapse at 5 weeks. Tracy has been fantastic at explaining to me what is going on with my body after pregnancy and birth, what my options are and helping me create a plan moving forward which has hugely helped with my mental health. Highly recommend Tracy and the White Hart Clinic.


  • A big thank you to Samantha at the White Hart Clinic. Extremely professional and supportive throughout the physiotherapy sessions. Plus an excellent referral. Highly recommend.


  • Emeline provides such a perfectly balanced experience that delivers such care and professionalism. She thoughtfully discussed my needs and areas of concern before my massage and continued to check in with me during the treatment to ensure that I was comfortable. She is not only a fantastic massage therapist, but a naturally empathic and intuitive individual. I felt hugely supported and cared for during my final months of pregnancy whilst I visited her, she reviewed my needs at every appointment and tailored them accordingly. I met with Emeline on my due date, anxious that I wanted my labour to start, she gave me the most relaxing massage and reflexology treatment with the aim to naturally encourage my labour to begin, less than 12 hours later my baby girl was born. Emeline has continued to support me postpartum, every massage is always such a relaxing and restorative experience. She is an excellent therapist and I highly recommend her to all women during their pregnancy journey. 


  • I have no words to thank Liam for his work. In 2 sessions my back has improved a lot! I 100% recommend this clinic.


  • My sessions with Lisa came at a very critical point for me and I can say with a huge amount of gratitude and pride, that it has been life changing. I was in a vulnerable position and had some very important decisions to make. Lisa’s kind and non-judgmental manner helped me talk through many difficult topics and I felt safe and held. Her reliably astute observations allowed me to really stop and consider my perspectives in a way I hadn’t before and she also helped me see my strengths and achievements, when I couldn’t. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.


  • Sinsook Park is the BEST acupuncturist without a doubt. She’s caring, knowledgeable, professional and has magic hands. Simply amazing. Excellent treatment and patient care


  • I have been seeing Tracey Matthews from my 23rd week of pregnancy. Tracey was able to guide me through labour preparation as well as safe and pain-free exercise for pregnancy. This allowed me to have an active pregnancy until the very end and to deliver naturally, without tearing or other consequences, which in turn made my immediate postpartum recovery a lot easier and quicker. Tracey was also able to support me in finding my doulas which was extremely helpful. Her expert and practical advice and excellent understanding of my needs and priorities were key to a healthy pregnancy and baby. I cannot recommend enough and will be back soon for support in my postpartum journey.


  • I was lucky enough to find Vicki at a time of extreme shock and trauma. She has truly guided, promoted and probed me to support and find my own path and way ahead. She brings a warmth and security to each session that allowed me to tackle some difficult issues that I was, in truth frightened of. Whilst they say it’s all a journey, and mine isn’t over yet, having Vicki to support me on my path to acceptance and self-care has been a real gift and I will be forever grateful for this period of time I was lucky enough to work with her.


  • I had my first consultation with Dr Sophie Ladbrooke on Friday and could not be happier with my experience. Sophie put me at ease straight away, listened attentively and conducted a thorough consultation. Her expertise and care were exceptional, and I would highly recommend.


  • Newest member of the team at the Clinic is Suzanne, who sorted out in an emergency an agonising bout of sciatica with an excellent acupuncture treatment. I will be back to see her again next time it strikes. 


  • Emeline has been absolutely fantastic throughout my pregnancy! She has treated me on a regular basis from the very beginning, and has really helped to manage my stress levels and resolved any pregnancy related aches and pains! Every session has felt like such a treat and left me feeling so relaxed! I would highly recommend to anyone.


  • Friendly, caring practice. Physiotherapist Samantha was knowledgeable, thorough and professional.


  • Friendly, very knowledgeable and professional. Have already booked my next appointment with osteopath Harry Hovell for another session.


  • Dr Sophie Ladbrooke has been amazing in all respects. She seems very knowledgeable, she listens to the patient's needs and concerns, she provides both intelligence and excellent advice. I'm more than happy to recommend her to friends and family.


  • Excellent massage. Really knows how to work the muscles and get relief from the aches and work on the knots. Applied more pressure when asked but knew when to ease off. Felt great during and after. Thanks Clare.


  • Kate Ranson is quite simply the best massage therapist I've ever met. And I don't give that compliment lightly. I myself am a trained massage therapist and have enjoyed so many body treatments over the years but none come close to what Kate offers. She genuinely has healing hands and knows exactly how to relax, soothe and fix your broken body! You will never regret booking ahead as Kate is super popular. Book your session now!


  • 5+ stars, Dr Kalia was more than happy to fit me in to his busy day. Your health is his number one priority and he will make sure he does the best for you and is happy for updates so he knows you're on track with the treatment issued. *Caring. Understanding. Informative*


  • Despite being sceptical about acupuncture I went to see Susanne for back pain and felt better after only one treatment! She has a huge knowledge, sympathetic manner and uses a variety of techniques including electro acupuncture. Would highly recommend her treatments.


  • Good diagnostic assessment and physio plan.


  • I was in my usual pain with a corn on my little toe. Half an hour with Michael and all is wonderful again. No corn, no pain and a nice convivial time. Thank you Michael as usual.


  • My limbs, lumps and bumps have had the good fortune to be expertly kneaded by Katherine for more than a decade. She’s a rare professional, so deft at what she does best, relieve and soothe any tension held. But also has a practical sixth sense as to what else might be going on to cause such tension. She is perceptive and will quickly work out just where to press and just how, like no other therapist I have met. I come out of each session straighter, happier, lighter, more able to take on the week.  If my body could speak it would say thank you.


  • Following a road accident many years ago I suffered multiple fractures and nerve damage to one of my legs. Over that time I have been consulting Susanne on a periodic basis as she is able to able with pain management which results in my improved mobility. She has succeeded where more orthodox medicines and treatments fail. She is highly professional in her approach, is very empathetic and the whole process is very relaxing and totally pain free, to the extent that I always fall asleep during treatment.


  • My first experience of chiropody. The experience was excellent. The Clinic offers an excellent range of services, and its location is very convenient.


  • Clare was brilliant! One of the best massages I have had - and I have them regularly. Clare has really made a difference to my very tense neck and back. I rebooked immediately.


  • Welcoming and efficient reception. I felt Liam Goode really listened to what I said about my symptoms and the exercises he gave me, though challenging, are very effective. Highly recommended. 


  • Katy is fantastic. I am 61 and still running, cycling and swimming more and harder than I have any right to be in large part thanks to Katy's miracle, monthly massages. She is very good at what she does and she is a good laugh too. 


  • Clare was really friendly and helpful and I had the most relaxing pregnancy massage - exactly what I needed!


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  • 'The White Hart clinic is a haven of peace, support, kindness and cheerfulness'
  • 'It's calm and friendly yet really professional. I feel absolutely confident that I'm in expert hands'
  • 'I most like the range of people working there so you can have alternative ways of combating a problem. Secondly, the friendly and supportive approach'
  • 'If in pain you are fitted in as soon as possible, never too much waiting time.'
  • 'Reception staff are friendly and welcoming.'
  • 'The treatment is effective-you do not feel as if the treatment is prolonged unnecessarily.'
  • 'The staff are friendly and professional'
  • 'Very welcoming, cosy & small, relaxing atmosphere - of course most of all my therapist who has given me life changing results'
  • 'I feel the recommendations for the course of treatments and return visits are always very honest. They never take advantage'
  • 'It's like having the best clinic in Harley Street around the corner - when you're in pain that's exactly what you want. What a relief! What a comfort!'
  • 'High quality treatment, delivered in a personal way, but with great efficiency and all in a very convenient location!'
  • 'Packed full of friendliness and expertise'
  • 'Friendly and efficient place that helps repair me when things are not working properly!'
  • 'Friendly, professional and broad ranging'

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