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25th October 2017

We are proud to be introducing Men’s Health Physiotherapy as a new comprehensive service at the clinic with physiotherapist Jessica Frydenberg. Men’s Health Physiotherapy is the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction in men. The pelvic floor muscles control bladder, bowel and sexual function and any dysfunction can cause symptoms such as incontinence, urgency, difficulty emptying your bladder / bowel and pain. Jess will provide you with a thorough assessment to formulate the appropriate treatment and management plan for your pelvic floor complaints. For further information please visit the Men’s Health page on our website.   

We're in the News!   

In line with our continuing promotion of Women’s Health Physiotherapy and the importance of seeking help and raising awareness, we were recently featured in the Daily Mail. You can read the article in full here.

Mens Health Physio

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  • 'The White Hart clinic is a haven of peace, support, kindness and cheerfulness'
  • 'It's calm and friendly yet really professional. I feel absolutely confident that I'm in expert hands'
  • 'I most like the range of people working there so you can have alternative ways of combating a problem. Secondly, the friendly and supportive approach'
  • 'If in pain you are fitted in as soon as possible, never too much waiting time.'
  • 'Reception staff are friendly and welcoming.'
  • 'The treatment is effective-you do not feel as if the treatment is prolonged unnecessarily.'
  • 'The staff are friendly and professional'
  • 'Very welcoming, cosy & small, relaxing atmosphere - of course most of all my therapist who has given me life changing results'
  • 'I feel the recommendations for the course of treatments and return visits are always very honest. They never take advantage'
  • 'It's like having the best clinic in Harley Street around the corner - when you're in pain that's exactly what you want. What a relief! What a comfort!'
  • 'High quality treatment, delivered in a personal way, but with great efficiency and all in a very convenient location!'
  • 'Packed full of friendliness and expertise'
  • 'Friendly and efficient place that helps repair me when things are not working properly!'
  • 'Friendly, professional and broad ranging'

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