Pelvic organ prolapse & pessary fitting

25th April 2022

What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Recommended Women's Health Products

21st April 2020

Recommended by Women's Health Physio, Christien Bird

Life continues even in these trying times, which means births and babies and beautiful new mothers needing our care and support. If you are struggling at home, do not hesitate to book an online Pregnancy,  Post-natal MOT or Menopause MOT.

To help you to cope at home, here are some of our top tips:

Our local online partners

23rd June 2020
Online programmes and consultations are a highly effective way of receiving expert advice from specialist trainers, from the comfort of your own home. Over the years we have worked with numerous skilled individuals who now, like us, are taking their advice online. We thought we'd round up the very best of our partnerships for you.
Women's Health Physiotherapist

Why I became a Women's Health Physiotherapist

17th July 2019
Our Physiotherapist Tracey Matthews tells her own experience with childbirth and why she became a Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Meet your menopause experts

10th April 2020

Women are now living 40% of their lives beyond the menopause, lucky for you, it is the best time to be menopausal. In the last 5 years there has been a great momentum with frank & honest resources now widely available and more and more healthcare professionals and fitness professionals taking a real interest and understanding the menopause better.

what happens when you have a smear test

What happens when you have a smear test - White Hart Clinic

25th March 2019
Find out what happens when you have a smear test and some practical tips to make your cervical smear test more comfortable.

Pelvic Floor - A Complete Guide

21st January 2019

Video: Sophie Vohralik (Physio / Women's Health specialist)

The words 'Pelvic Floor' are thrown around so much in our daily lives now, especially if you're a woman who is pregnant or just given birth, and yet there are still so many women out there who have very little understanding of this muscle group. We have taken some time out to sit down with one of our physios specialising in Women's Health Sophie Vohralik, to discuss this area in more depth. 

Women's Health - Your Questions Answered

24th January 2022

What is a WH specialist and how are they different from a ‘normal’ physiotherapist?

Menopause & How To Regulate your Diet

17th September 2018

Guest Blog: Written by Jackie Lynch (Well Well Well, Nutritional Therapy)

The Menopause & Getting Your 'Ducks in A Row'

03rd November 2021

Written by: Christien Bird, Women's Health Physiotherapist

For years, menopause has been the subject of rumor and myth however thankfully, attitudes towards menopause are changing for the better. The flow of life, including menopause continues, no matter what COVID brings. Reflecting on how best to navigate the symptoms is now more of a priority than usual! We can see you in clinic for  a physio Menopause MOT's if you are looking for menopause guidance and treatment for urinary leakage,urgency, bowel problems, vaginal pain/ heavyness or any other pelvic floor issues


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