The Footscan is the most advanced piece of equipment on the market that can provide Phits 3D printed insoles tailored specifically to your feet. The Footscan is a sophisticated technology that allows us to analyse your gait and foot pressure distribution, helping us to identify potential imbalances or inefficiencies in your running or exercise technique. With this information, we can then create customized 3D printed insoles that provide optimal support and alignment for your unique foot shape and movement patterns. The equipment will use the data to create the most advanced insole available on the market. Understanding where you put the pressure through your feet can help our podiatrist and Physiotherapy team Identify exercises to strengthen you lower limb to help you with both exercise and being comfortable in day to day life.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of using the Footscan and Phits 3D printed insoles include a reduced risk of injury, improved comfort and support and increased efficiency and performance. The insoles are also lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, making them ideal for runners and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels.

What happens during an appointment?

Every session will begin with a short consultation to understand what your expectations are and reasons for seeking out a scan. Your practitioner will get you to perform a variety of movements on the Footscan itself (a flat piece of equipment that's easy to stand and walk across.) These movements will provide a range of digital readings which will help your practitioner determine how your weight is distributed throughout your foot, if you need to go down the route of an orthotic, how an orthotic can help support your individual needs, the areas most at risk to injury etc.

You'll be given a report of the findings at the end of your session. If you need orthotics, these will be organised with your practitioner.

Who is this appointment for?

Any patient who wants to understand how they move and to explore the pressure distribution throughout the foot. Common reasons an assessment is used for include:

  • Performance enhancement 
  • Fall prevention

  • Comfort for ageing feet / general discomfort

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