Osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating the causes of pain, stiffness and damaged parts of the body such as ligaments, nerves and joints. When the body is balanced and efficient it will function with minimum wear and tear. 

The therapist will discuss and record your medical history in detail as well as fully examine you to gain insight into your problem. This full diagnosis of the problem will enable the osteopath to tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

The first appointment will be 45 to 60 min, follow ups generally 30 mins

Osteopathy can be used to treat a variety of common conditions including postural, sport injuries, neuralgia (nerve pain), arthritic and chronic pain. A variety of techniques may be used within your session for pain management and to improve any underlying dysfunctions including soft tissue release, gentle joint manipulation, mobilisation techniques, stretching and sometimes cranial techniques (a very gentle technique, which can be helpful for babies, stress or support with system concerns).

If you're not sure if Osteopathy is right for you, read our helpful blog that looks at the difference between Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. 

All of our therapists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council.

Osteopaths have individual contracts with BUPA and will claim on your behalf once you let us have your membership and authorisation numbers, which are needed prior to treatment. Whilst we are recognised by all other major insurance companies (osteopathy is not covered under AXA Health, but we do have a contract for physiotherapy), you will be expected to pay at the time of treatment and we shall issue receipts in order for you to claim. 

For babies and infants, please book with Charles Lim, all appointments are 30 mins

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