Are you concerned about persistent pain in your back?

We can often develop certain aches and pains, perhaps as a symptom of an uncomfortable workstation, exercise or injury. It may be that you have developed a constant pain in your back but you’re unsure of the cause. Many of us suffer with these constant pains and discomforts in silence, feeling uneasy about being prescribed more pain medication and told to rest. Our backs are tasked with supporting the weight of our bodies through extended periods of physical exertion at the gym or sports events, or expected to hold a stationary position throughout a long work day. Often it is the spine and back muscles that take that strain and over time or repetition, can develop persistent pain, leaving you to deal with soreness or in more extreme cases, limit your ability to function.

Here at the White Hart Clinic, our goal is to find the source and help you take control. We use methods such as osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage therapy to identify the problem and help you find relief and give you back that lost confidence.

Want to find out more about how we can help you? If this is the kind of discomfort you deal with on a daily basis, we’re here to help. It’s quick and easy to make an appointment at the White Hart Clinic. You can use our simple online booking system, email or you can call us on 020 8876 9897.

How the White Hart Clinic can help you

Our physiotherapists and osteopaths are trained to find the root cause of persistent pain and find a treatment plan that suits you. Through the use of methods like manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, gentle joint manipulation and stretching, the team here will tailor a plan that suits you. Our experts here at the White Hart Clinic understand how this type of persistent pain can have a huge detrimental effect, both physically and emotionally, preventing you from achieving your potential and thriving. 

Causes of back pain

There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to discomfort and pain in your back. Poor posture, seating position and lack of activity can often play a significant role, as well as more serious and apparent causes such as injury or prior conditions.

Work environment and ergonomics

Many of us spend a large portion of our lives working hard, often sitting at a desk or in a car seat for extended periods of time. This can cause discomfort, typically due to a below average quality or poorly positioned chair or a workstation positioned too low or too high. Your choice of mattress can also have an impact. Perhaps it’s over a decade old and no longer fit for purpose, or your physical needs have changed, requiring a different firmness or material for your mattress.


Often it is the small things we do every day that can have the largest effect on our health. Smoking can have a negative effect on different types of pain, including back pain. Smoking reduces the blood flow to the back and neck, increasing discomfort and stiffness. Body weight can be a huge factor, putting extra stress and strain on the back and spine which can cause issues like pain and other conditions to develop. Your general sleep health can also affect the condition of your back, as restless nights can lead to unnatural movement, further increasing the chances of minor injury or persistent pain

Daily activity and exercise

A lack of routine physical activity can exacerbate or even cause pain or injury. Small amounts of physical exercise or regular movement can help to reduce the possibility of developing further symptoms like tightness or discomfort. Individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle may find themselves particularly susceptible to pains in the neck and back.


During pregnancy, weight can fluctuate putting additional stress on certain parts of the body including the back. Hormonal changes can also contribute. Here at the White Hart Clinic, we provide services specifically aimed at women’s health, services like our women’s health physiotherapy or our Mummy MOT, which is aimed at individuals who have just given birth.

Prior medical conditions

Back pain can have a large number of medical causes, both from existing conditions or from physical trauma or injury. Conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis or spinal abnormalities can cause pain, tightness or lack of mobility. Injuries can also cause various spine and neck injuries such as muscle strains, fractures or herniated discs.

What our therapists can do for you

Our clinicians will work with you to discover the cause of your back pain and create a tailored plan to bring you comfort and lasting relief. We can also look at your lifestyle and help you make small changes to increase your quality of life, giving you back movement, flexibility and confidence. You may need osteopathic treatment to address lingering pain and lack of movement in your back, or it may be that you’ve recently suffered a sports injury and require physiotherapy or massage therapy to regain lost performance and aid in the recovery process. The experts here at the White Hart Clinic will work to find the optimal approach for you, getting your mind and body back on track and helping you to achieve your goals.

How do I make an appointment?

To book an appointment at the White Hart Clinic, simply use our quick and easy booking system or call us on 020 8876 9897 to speak to a team member. Alternatively you can email us on for more information.

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