Nearly half of all women who give birth will subsequently experience weakness in their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, and nearly a third of all women will have a tummy gap (separation down the middle of the abdominal muscles) for up to 8 weeks after birth. A Mummy MOT is a Postnatal Check up that helps women who have recently given birth to feel confident that their bodies are recovering quickly and safely.

Should I Have a Mummy MOT?

A Mummy MOT is highly recommended for all women following birth, to assess and monitor muscle functions and ensure the body recovers normally. We will provide a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment and provide you with a personalised and targeted plan to return to your normal exercise and activity. We will help to guide your expectations, and give you all the exercises, support and advise needed to safely strengthen your muscles to the level you want them to be.

When Should I Come for a Mummy MOT?

It is generally recommended to come for the treatment is six weeks after birth, but we can alsowork with mothers who gave birth months or even years before. There is no time limit on a Mummy MOT, and we are here for you whenever you feel you need us.

What Happens in a Mummy MOT?

During the Mummy MOT assessment, we do things like:

  • Develop your understanding of the role and significance of your abdominal wall and breathing patterns
  • Show you what your pelvic floor actually is and how to spot when it needs a little help. The evidence is strong, supervised pelvic floor muscle training works to manage leakage and prolapse
  • Perform an internal assessment to check to see if there’s any sign of trauma or issues like pelvic organ prolapse
  • Check you tummy - so you understand if there is a gap, and plan an optimal recovery
  • Teach you how to plan a return to exercise, the benifits  and manage any of the risks involved -including giving you key advice and recommendations

Our Mummy MOT treatment is a one-hour session, which starts with a properinternal assessment of your abdominal wall, pelvic floor muscles and their structures. We also talk you through making a gradual and carefully considered return to exercise, and then talk about some of the problems you may encounter.

Will I Need Further Treatment After a Mummy MOT?

A Mummy MOT is aimed primarily at guiding you to recover following child birth in a way that is healthy and right for you. However, if the assessment does show that you may need further treatment to help in your recovery, our experienced Women’s Health physiotherapy team are here to help with a range of treatments that can help. See our Women’s Health physiotherapy page for more information.

How Soon After Birth Can I Start Exercising Again?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked during Mummy MOT sessions. Ultimately, it’s important that you understand there is no one single answer that is right for everybody. It depends on things like how you’ve recovered from the birth, the birth itself, your general fitness and health, risk factors that might come into your recovery, your bowel and bladder control, and any pain that you feel. We create returns to exercise which are structured around you. No two mothers are the same, and neither are any two Mummy MOTs or subsequent recovery plans.

We offer individual assessments which help to explore what your body can cope with at this stage in the journey and how to strengthen yourself. However, one piece of advice we offer to all women is the same; pace yourself, listen to what your body is telling you and make sure you get plenty of rest.

Our Mummy MOT team is made up of friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people who will answer any questions you might have! Feel free to contact us, and you can also learn more from our Women’s Health Physio FAQs.

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Health Insurance

The clinic has contracts for our physiotherapy treatments with BUPA and AXA Health and will claim on your behalf once you let us have your membership and authorisation numbers, which are needed prior to treatment (we are not able to claim for pessary fittings). Our clinic provider numbers are 80009448 (BUPA) and ZZ01839 (AXA Health) and all of our physiotherapists are automatically covered under our contract number. Whilst we are recognised by all other major insurance companies, you will be expected to pay at the time of treatment and we shall issue receipts in order for you to claim.

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