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  • A safe place to be looked after by specialists. 

    Patient at the clinic

  • Sabrina is an extremely talented osteopath, her professional and warming approach made me feel at ease from my first treatment. Having seen a few different practitioners after suffering an accident last year, Sabrina has been the only one to get to the root of my problem and with the correct treatment for me and an exercise plan, I have come a long way and finally feel like myself again. I would highly recommend Sabrina and can’t thank her enough for helping me recover.

    Fae Halliday

  • "Having suffered three miscarriages in a year my body and mind were in complete chaos. Sinsook brought them both back to life. I was astounded at the speed and strength of my physical recovery under her expert care. It felt incredible to find someone so in tune with my body and emotions. Her treatment and her advice provided an invaluable support during a really difficult time. I'm now 5 months pregnant and still see her regularly. She's been wonderful at helping any aches, pains and discomfort and continues to give me fantastic advice about diet and exercise. I put my lovely sense of well being and positive state of mind down to my sessions with Sinsook - they've fast become my favourite part of the month. I don't know what I would have done without her over the last 18 months. See you next month!"

    Charlie Webb

  • " I have been coming to see Sinsook for some time.  The latest round of treatment was for a problem in my foot and leg, and after quite a few sessions it is now fine again.  It is so reassuring seeing Sinsook. Her assured professionalism, warmth, kindness and her ability to know exactly how to treat and advise mean that I always leave the clinic feeling a great deal better than when I arrive.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone; she is honest about what she can treat and has a remarkable insight into so many conditions. She treats people holistically and has an enormous amount of experience which she puts to very good use".

    Lisa Coleridge

  • "The sessions I have spent with Suzy have been of enormous help to me.  With her support and guidance I am learning to overcome the daily anxieties I face by developing purposeful, useful, and relevant strategies and taking time for periods of reflection.  Suzy's gentle and intuitive manner have enabled me to change my more negative behaviours for more positive ones which have left me feeling more able to cope with the present and have given me a much more hopeful outlook for the future."  


  • I see Camilla for her osteopathic treatment and Sinsook for acupuncture. They are both very professional and informative, I wouldn't change a thing. I've had treatments done in multiple countries and I find White Hart Clinic very good.


  • "When I first came to see Sinsook I was having severe sugar crashes, I felt tired, emotional and sluggish. My skin was bad and I was carrying extra weight. After just one session I could feel the positive impact Sinsook was having on my body. Sinsook and her treatments have completely changed my attitude to and relationship with food. She has revolutionised how, what and why I eat and as a result I feel balanced, happy and rejuvenated. I no longer struggle to get through the day, I feel energetic, less stressed, my skin is glowing and my body is in its optimum shape. On a deeper, emotional level Sinsook’s treatments and advice have changed my outlook on life, she has given me my confidence back and I feel positive and balanced in a way I have never felt before. Sinsook treats the physical and emotional in an effortless, professional and meaningful way. I treasure my appointments with her and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to treat emotional, physical and diet related issues. I am eternally grateful for her intuitive acupuncture treatments, her expert dietary advice and  her emotional support".

    Lily Ackerman

  • Christien was reassuring and gentle and full of great tips. Every woman should have her pelvic floor checked after childbirth. Christien was recommended to me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. 


  • I really can't tell you how grateful I am to Helen and Christien. A year and a half of inexplicable chronic pain is all unravelling, and, just as important, you've both taken the time to help me understand it too. The compassion and confidence that you both treat your patients with was such a huge relief. You both always seem irrepressibly chirpy and dynamo-like, but, should you ever have days when you're feeling tired or dreary, please know that your work is making a huge difference in people's lives! I'll still be back in 3 weeks time, but I anticipate reporting relatively little pain and just fine tuning some things. Thank you.


  • Probably the best massage I have ever had and I have had many in my time. I think Katherine is exceptional and so well informed. 

    Gillian Armstrong

  • Katy was amazing - from feeling completely immobile in my shoulder area, I can now breathe and move without pain!


  • Sinsook has been terrific to work with. My baby was breech and we worked together to turn baby around and really relax me prior to birth. I appreciate all she has done.

    Acupuncture patient

  • "I am so grateful to Christien and the clinic for all their support and positive guidance all the time. Without them I wouldn't be so well now. "


  • Sinsook has been really helpful, she has virtually removed my tendon problem.


  • Katie is the BEST therapist in town. I suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain and after a session with her, she melts the knots away. Cannot rave about her enough!


  • I couldn’t recommend Suzy more highly. The work we have done together has had an enormously positive impact on my life. Suzy is a deeply committed, perceptive and wise therapist. She is also innovative, constantly trying and applying new techniques at the cutting edge of the cognitive behavioural therapy field.


  • "Sinsook has completely and utterly changed my life. Last year I was diagnosed with PCOS and immediately put on Metaformin Tablets. I have struggled with weight all my life and the tablets just seemed to make it worse. Going to Sinsook honestly changed everything, after our first session people were already noticing the difference in my body and outlook on life. I felt alive, on the ball, active and happy for the first time in ages. It is always such a pleasure to see her, you know how much better you will feel after the session. Her love and kindness is extraordinary and she has truly helped my whole family".  

    Martha Ackerman

  • Excellent - very straightforward and useful advice on future prevention of the same problem. 

    David Turcan

  • I have known Sinsook since October 2009 and she has been of enormous help with her treatment of my gastric problems. I have the greatest faith in her abilities. She has a calming and reassuring presence and is a delightful person to know.

    G. Armstrong

  • Would like to thank Christien Bird, women’s health physio for all her help. She was definitely the most helpful consultant during the whole of my rehabilitation. The experience was very thorough and informative. I am doing really well and have just started training for triathlons!  Thanks,

    Jo Turner

  • The WHC has been fundamental in keeping me feeling well for over 5 years. The clinic is always accessible and the expert practitioners have always been professional and friendly as well as solutions focused. I am always confident I will get the best treatment, trust them totally and am very happy to recommend them without hesitation.

    Catherine Warne

  • When I began my treatments back in February I had such persistent chest (back and shoulder) pains that I could not enjoy life due to the pain, but some 6 months on the pains are long gone. All thanks to Christian Lutz's superb treatments. The service I have received at the Clinic is excellent.

    Dr. Christer Jorgensen

  • I have known Sinsook since 2011. I was very apprehensive about acupuncture at first as I don't like needles! However, Sinsook is incredibly gentle and calming and the sense of peace and relaxation felt during the sessions with her is life changing. I have seen Sinsook for general well being, back pain and fertility issues and for each one she has helped immensely. I leave each session feeling stronger and ready for action and all my troubles are left behind! I recommend her to all of my friends and will continue to consult with her for many years to come. It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful and calming experience.


  • After the birth of my second child many years ago, I suffered pelvic pains and instability. Whilst I was told by other physiotherapists that there was not much that could be done about this, the White Hart Clinic therapists were very much on the ball and within a month of starting treatment with them I was back to practicing all my sports again. We have been a big fan of the Clinic ever since and over the years have known them as being dedicated and knowledgeable, and they always are training to be up to date with the latest developments and research. My family and I have used the White Hart Clinic on several occasions and even living in the Netherlands at the moment does not prevent us from occasionally paying a visit when we feel we need a second opinion. We wish everyone at the Clinic all the best!


  • I have been going regularly to see Katy for help with back pain and general muscle stiffness.  She is absolutely the best therapist I have ever had and her massages always do the trick.


  • Thank you so much to Christien at The White Hart Clinic for her expert treatment and sympathetic advice. I had physiotherapy, with acupuncture and massage to help me cope with the distressing and painful symptoms of osteo-arthritis. She helped me to understand the condition and keep mobile. More post-operation physiotherapy strengthened my muscles and accelerated the healing process, and now I feel like a new woman! I ♥ White Hart Clinic


  • We saw Michael Hooper for my teenage son’s ingrown toe nails. Michael was great, very personable, professional and reassuring. We have had a great outcome with no further issues. Many thanks


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  • 'The White Hart clinic is a haven of peace, support, kindness and cheerfulness'
  • 'It's calm and friendly yet really professional. I feel absolutely confident that I'm in expert hands'
  • 'I most like the range of people working there so you can have alternative ways of combating a problem. Secondly, the friendly and supportive approach'
  • 'If in pain you are fitted in as soon as possible, never too much waiting time.'
  • 'Reception staff are friendly and welcoming.'
  • 'The treatment is effective-you do not feel as if the treatment is prolonged unnecessarily.'
  • 'The staff are friendly and professional'
  • 'Very welcoming, cosy & small, relaxing atmosphere - of course most of all my therapist who has given me life changing results'
  • 'I feel the recommendations for the course of treatments and return visits are always very honest. They never take advantage'
  • 'It's like having the best clinic in Harley Street around the corner - when you're in pain that's exactly what you want. What a relief! What a comfort!'
  • 'High quality treatment, delivered in a personal way, but with great efficiency and all in a very convenient location!'
  • 'Packed full of friendliness and expertise'
  • 'Friendly and efficient place that helps repair me when things are not working properly!'
  • 'Friendly, professional and broad ranging'

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